Aptera Debuts Next Year

A new electric vehicle from Aptera will hit the streets next year. With its aerodynamic appearance, the car is a wonder to behold. The company says it will reach 300 miles on a single charge. Its production will start in October. The company will also sell a plug-in hybrid version.

The members of Aptera hail from Brazil, Italy, Belgium, and the US. Their sound is a unique combination of heavy metal, thrash, doom, punk, and other genres. The band’s debut album, You Can’t Bury What Still Burns, is a political statement as well. The lyrics examine the struggles and oppressions of women in the modern day and deconstruct traditional gender roles.

The company claims to have received more than 32,000 pre-orders from customers all across California. It will bring the production-intent prototype to the Stanford Shopping Center in San Diego and the San Francisco-Silicon Valley area. This model will be limited to California initially. But the company plans to make the Aptera available across the nation.

The Aptera 2e is expected to be a super efficient car. It can go from 0 to 60 in under ten seconds and has an estimated range of over 100 miles. The company expects to sell out its initial production run quickly. And it may be a few years before a more expensive model is available.

The Aptera gamma prototype looks a lot like the Aptera 2020 prototype, but has a new lighting package. It has a single strip headlamp, amber lights over the wheel covers, and illuminated Aptera badging. The car also uses solar cells on the roof.

The Aptera’s solar capabilities give the vehicle an impressive range of around forty miles a day. It’s designed to be able to capture enough sunlight to cover 11,000 miles a year. The car can also charge using a 110-volt outlet. It weighs around 1,800 pounds and can accelerate from zero to 60 in 3.5 seconds. The company plans to start mass production by 2020.

Aptera is a California startup with the goal of making an electric vehicle that runs on solar power. They recently debuted a prototype of their Gamma solar-powered car at a conference in San Diego. The company says it plans to ramp up production next year. The production model will cost around $25,900. Reservations are open now.

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