Automotive Industry News

Automotive industry news encompasses a variety of topics. Some are serious while others can be more informal; these can include reviews on cars and comparison tests; there may also be

DIY Car Repairs: When to Do It Yourself and When to Call a Pro

In the age of YouTube tutorials and a plethora of online resources, the DIY approach to car repairs has never been more popular. The satisfaction of fixing a problem on

Things to Consider Before Buying a Used Car

Used cars offer consumers significant value. Their value depreciates far less quickly than new models, and are usually easier to insure. Used models often still include technology no longer found

The Best Car Insurance Policies for Your Budget and Needs

The best car insurance policies meet your state’s minimum requirements while also protecting you and others on the road. Coverage limits, deductibles and premiums vary by insurer. Progressive offers customizable

Custom Creations – The Art of Car Modification

Car customization is an art form that enables its owners to tap into a car’s potential while also expressing themselves creatively. Car modification generally falls into three categories: performance upgrades;

Behind the Scenes of a Car Dealership – A Comprehensive Guide

Car dealerships must prioritize efficiency in both customer-facing and back-office processes to enable sales teams and F&I personnel to operate more effectively while meeting customers’ expectations. Dealerships sometimes include add-on